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Energetic healing takes a holistic approach that looks beyond the physical to manipulating the subtle energy systems (meridians, auric bodies, chakras) where the cause of the dis-ease can be located. It can also help identify “issues” before they manifest as pain or similar distortions in the physical body. It opens our consciousness to the areas we need to work through and heal in order to bring our lives into balance and maintain health, harmony and vitality, and is a process through which you may better understand your mental, emotional, and physical self and in so doing, bring the self back into a state of balance and healing. Energetic healing may help to improve feelings of resiliency, equanimity and provide relief from various psychological symptoms including anxiety and depression. It is an umbrella term for any therapy that manipulates the energy circuits in our physical or subtle bodies to regain balance and facilitate our body’s innate healing mechanism.


 Energetic healing can assist in many areas. It can help when you are feeling depressed; lacking enthusiasm; are overwhelmed by fears or other strong emotions; under stress; suffering from illness on a regular basis; feeling pessimistic; unable to find life direction; or experiencing a general lack of fulfilment. Energetic healing may help to improve feelings of resiliency, equanimity and provide relief from various psychological symptoms including anxiety and depression. We regard all energetic and spiritual healing as complementary medicine which should not replace mainstream medical care but used to complement it. At Little Bird & Co, we draw on a diverse range of approaches including Reiki, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, sound healing, aura soma and spiritual mediumship.


Clear, Connect, Release 60 / 75 minutes

Why do we feel better when we spend time at the beach, walk in the bush, meditate or gaze at a waterfall? Because we are naturally absorbing the energy readily available to us. Reiki is a more conscious form of using "the breath of life". It involves channeling that energy through the hands and into the body. It is a gentle technique that has its roots in Buddhism. Reiki is a Japanese word pronounced Ray-Key. It is derived from two Japanese characters (Kanji). Rei – meaning spirit or universal; and Ki meaning life force, prana or the breath of life. Together they can be translated to “spiritual energy” or “universal life force”. And so reiki can be defined as channeling the Universal life force.

What can Reiki assist with? Reiki works on many levels and can bring relief to a range of symptoms and deeper insights into why those symptoms have occurred. It may accelerate the ability to heal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances of the body, mind and spirit which can lead to dis-ease. It gives rise to the opportunity for personal growth, transformation and spiritual awakening. Reiki has been known to assist with: injuries; stress; anxiety; depression; pain; and illness. 

In a Reiki session you remain fully clothed and have the option of either lying down or sitting in a chair. Then your practitioner, a Tibetan Usui Reiki Master, channels energy by placing their hands on or over various parts of the body. Everybody’s experience of Reiki is different. Some people experience a flowing or tingling sensation, some people sleep, others may find memories from the past arise and may feel emotional through the treatment. We always allow time and space for you to debrief after a treatment. 






An Energetic Healing 60 / 90min

Crystal healing is a holistic, non-invasive, vibrational energy-based system of healing. Crystals are place on or around the body to absorb, focus, direct, detoxify, shift and diffuse energy as they interact with the electromagnetic forces and subtle vibrations within the subtle human or environmental energy field. Reiki is then applied over those areas to further enhance the process of clearing energetic blocks within the body.


Recommended for stress relief, migraines, insomnia, panic attacks, pain, stiff joints, digestive disorders, chronic or severe illnesses such as cancer that require long-term support, infertility and behavioural disorders, mood disorders, self-esteem, clarity and focus.




$170 (includes chakra balance & aura repair)


Clear, Cleanse, Unblock, Protect, Reset

Just like we detox our physical bodies when we are feeling tired, rundown, or intuitively know we need to cleanse our system, cleansing our energetic body is as equally important as the physical cleanse. Energetic obstructions in our system can impede our decision making abilities and hamper our ability to be the best version of ourselves. In this treatment, energetic healing techniques are used to cleanse and clear energetic blocks in our aura, charka and energetic system. This treatment goes well beyond an energetic balance and delves deep into the obstructions that hinder us from being our best self.  We begin with a smudging ritual, and by clearing energetic blockages in your auric field, including unwanted energetic cords that may be draining your energy, then we move to your chakras and clear and cleanse the toxic muck that we store from interacting in our daily lives. Using reiki techniques we scan for any other areas in the energetic system that need more clearing before topping the energetic system back up, leaving your energy feeling fresh and revitalised. Finally we seal the aura up and teach you a quick protection technique to assist you with your own energetic maintenance. Clearing out our old energetic blocks that no longer serve us, allow us to vibrate on a level, where we make clearer, more guided and wiser decisions by more deeply connecting to our authentic selves, flow easier, and allow us to enjoy life more fully. This treatment is perfect for those feeling drained, tired, overwhelmed, anxious, affected by other peoples energies, for those needing clarity, for those going through a spiritual awakening, or struggling with chronic pain. We allow 1.5 to 2 hours for this treatment to ensure you have time not only for the energetic work, but space to debrief, learn protection techniques and to deliver any spiritual messages that may come through during the treatment.




An Energetic Balance

Chakra balancing is the process of restoring a harmonious flow of energy across the chakra system. The effect of well balanced chakras often translates into a feeling of well-being, relaxation, centeredness, increased vitality and embodiment of oneself.


Aura comes from the Greek word meaning breeze. It is an elecromagnetic field that surrounds and reflects the unique energy within and around our body and interacts with our environment. Through trauma and everyday interactions our aura can become weak, congested and torn.


Chakra balancing and aura repair is undertaken using a variety of energetic healing techniques including crystals, smudging rituals, sound healing, aura somas and reiki, leaving you feeling revilatised and more balanced. 







"Wonderful caring quality service. Have never had Reiki therapy before and have been very pleasantly pleased with the results." Julie

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