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Take a breath and invite your loved ones in. Ask them to come close, and together we shall connect to those who have passed over. Spiritual mediumship is a healing experience. Bringing comfort and validation that those who have passed over are still with us in Spirit. Mediumship readings are not psychic. Psychic work requires a reading of your energy field. It is more predictive and future focused in nature. Spiritual mediumship is solely focused on connecting to your loved ones in Spirit, validating that it is your loved ones by bringing through specific information about their personality and life. Messages are always given with so much love and healing, they are uplifting, bringing through validation that it is your loved one that the medium is connecting to, and that they are still with you and guiding you from the other side. There is no guarantee of who will come through, but it will be whoever can deliver the message you are in most need of. Come with an open heart and take a beautiful journey of spiritual connection.


                                                 30 MINUTES                                                                       


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