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Muscle Tension, Stress. Deep Relaxation.

Kahuna bodywork is a therapeutic massage unlike any other, based on the teachings and practices of the Hawaiian Kahunas. It’s beautifully intuitive & soulful as the therapist is trained to be focused totally on their client with an attitude of compassion and love, the essence of the "aloha" spirit  

This deeply nourishing experience is a combination of yin and yang energy, fusing the fluid & flowing elements of lomi lomi, with the restorative and therapeutic practice of underbody techniques, soft & deep tissue work & slow or dynamic unwinding stretches to release tired, stiff, aching joints and muscles. You will be transformed into a state of deep relaxation, honouring the whole self, body, mind & soul with intention, ritual and energetic support for grounding, rebalancing and deep vibrational healing. You will leave nurtured and restored inside & out! Practitioner: Marian


Stress Relief: For those who want to relax, are feeling fragile or want to detox. 60min

Aromatherapy massage is a beautiful relaxing full body massage combining Swedish massage, lymphatic drainage, polarity therapy and shiatsu. Includes neck, shoulders, back, legs (front and back), feet, stomach, chest, upper arms and face. Essential oils are custom blended to your needs. This massage can have a profound effect on the physical body and on the emotional being. It can assist with reducing anxiety and depression, boosting the immune system and bringing a complete sense of calm and relaxation. Traditionally a 1 hour treatment. Practitioner: Suzanne


Tension, Stress, General Muscle Tension. 60min

Swedish Massage can deeply relax the entire body using long gliding, nurturing strokes with gentle rolling and kneading to aid in stress and tension reduction. It is also beneficial in easing muscle tenderness, and soothing the nervous system. it warms muscle tissue, releases tension and breaks down knots and adhesions. Available with or without aromatherapy oils. Practitioner: Suzanne


Joint Mobility, Deep Pressure

A full body floor massage Polynesian Floor work, is perfect to decrease stress and pain in the body whilst leaving you feeling deeply grounded & relaxed.  Polynesian Floor work is part of the Kahuna healing arts and a form of Kahuna bodywork, practiced on a mat on the floor where the participant is fully clothed. Combining a wide range of deep stretches, joint mobilizations & deep pressure with breathwork, meditation and energy healing, its perfect for releasing overworked, tight muscles & joint pains, while relaxing the mind & emotional body. Ideal for someone who undertakes minimal stretching and can be used on its own or before a Kahuna Massage. Leave feeling aligned, restored and reenergised. Practitioner: Marian

"You both have bought so much positive, genuine and kind hearted services and products to the area. I really appreciate all your hard work"

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