An Aromatherapy Journey

Energetic Aromatherapy with Product

Bathe your feet in an aromatic foot soak, close your eyes and inhale... intuit your essential blend from our synergistic fusions that harness the esoteric and energetic healing properties of essential oils to promote healing, treating ailments such as: poor concentration, low energy, self esteem, anxiety, overthinking, indecision, nervous tension, anger and depression. Your personal oil selection is then used in a traditional 1 hour aromatherapy massage that combines Swedish, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, shiatsu and polarity balancing techniques and provided in a 10ml aromatherapy product further enhanced with the energy of crystals for you to take home and continue the healing process. 

Aromatherapy is a powerful tool that works equally if not better on the subtle, emotional, mental and spiritual levels as it does on the physical. When we identify this as our priority, we utilise different essential oil dilutions to those we use when working on a physical level and our massage will focus more on energetic healing moves. During this treatment, you decide on your essential oil blend. The nose knows! Your 1 hour Aromatica massage is a gentle, light massage treatment that will include neck, back, glutes, lymphatic work— over the front and back of legs, feet, head, face, decolletage and stomach, with energetic moves the priority. Tibetan singing bowls, aura somas and other energetic systems may also be utilised during this treatment.

For a deeper energetic healing, select the Aromatic Reiki combination which also includes a 30 or 60 minute Reiki session.





Includes 30min reiki $150


Includes 60min reiki $180