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Health With Botanicals

At LITTLE BIRD & CO we believe in combining beauty with wellness to create luxurious, therapeutic products with integrity. Many of our products are paraben, sulphate, silicon and cruelty free and all our skin care products are either made on the premises or in Australia. We offer our own range of lotions, potions and oils that we have found most effective in treating many presenting conditions. From dry, mature, acne, sensitive, and oily skin to psoriasis, excema and roscea, We specialise in the individual, custom blending whilst you wait and make many of our products on the premises. LITTLE BIRD & CO is the only wellness centre in Wollongong with an over the counter dispensary which supplies a wide range of carrier oils, essential oils, hydrosols and bush flower essences. Select your favourite aromas and have them custom made into your own massage, spritz, essential oil blend, cream or rollerball while you wait, or talk to us about what you want to target and we will suggest a blend for you. And if you don't want to customise your own, our shelves are stocked with our own range of botancial face and body care including hand made scrubs, body butters, bath bombs, facial serums, toners and salts that we have fine tuned for various skin types and conditions.

We believe in transparency and education so you will find loads of information in our product descriptions so you know exactly what you are putting on your body. We have over 80 essential oils in our apothecary all of which are 100% pure and our products are loaded with natural and naturally derived ingredients that are sourced for their excellent quality. Partake in our testers and if you are serious about a product but would like to try before you buy, talk to us about a sample size. Experience the difference with bespoke botanical beauty.



100% Single Essential Oils & Blends

All our essential oils and essential oil blends are 100% pure, sourced from reputable supplies and are therapeutic quality. They are premium essential oils carefully extracted to preserve their unique signatures and therapeutic qualities. Essential oils have an enormous range of therapeutic benefits, If you are looking for an oil that isn't listed or to treat a specific condition, don't hesitate to contact us. 


100% Pure Essential Oil

Our essential oil blends are designed by our Diploma qualified Aromatherapist and are all 100% pure essential oil. We also offer the option of designing your own blend.



Aromatherapy Prouducts & Bespoke Skin Care

From aromatherapy products, hydrosols, carrier oils, body butters, balms and bespoke skin care, step inside and consult with us.

 "There is a genuine care and connection. This can’t be purchased, trained or manufactured, it just is. Many blessing and thanks" 

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